Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Gotta love Regan's face. She is such a Lind! Precious little Anya holding her baby brother, Ryan.

The first of so many Christmases together! What was life before my kids? Merry Christmas everyone! Bob and I are so thankful for so many things: a roof over our heads, steady jobs, the help of my mother and wonderful sister, Carla. But, mostly we are thankful for our three little gifts: Anya, Regan, and Ryan. Without them, our lives would be meaningless. Everyday we give thanks for our precious children. Anya for her warm personality and loving nature; Regan for her beautiful disposition and her feistiness; and Ryan for being healthy and hopefully having the same patience and mellowness as his father. Thank GOD they all look like Bob!

Ryan sucking on his hand after his bath. He appears to have gotten juice off of it.

My Sweet little kids

Well, can you believe it is almost 4 weeks on Wednesday? Time flies with newborns. Ryan is growing strong and healthy. He is a little tooter, though! Who knew babies his size could release gas like he does. Other than that, everything is gowing great! Ryan is eating, sleeping, and pooping like a normal 3 1/2 week old infant. Regan is really enjoying him, unless I am breastfeeding, then all hell breaks loose! I haven't breastfed her since she was six weeks old, but she still freaks out! Anya is a little mommie. She is a great help! She always wants to hold him or fed him. She refuses to change him because he is such a little stinker!

Here is little Bob at 2 weeks. He is growing so fast! This is how wide awake he is at 4 in the morning. What fun!!!!

Here is my little man in the nude. Not his birthday suit, because, as we have learned, little boys are quite unpredictable when they are naked. He has surprised us quite a few times with his streams.

Regan getting her first haircut. I went in to chop my hair off, and, what mommy does, Regan does. As you can see, she was really good!

My little man looks perfect here! Hopefully he is always this mellow and quiet. So far, I have been very lucky with him. He only cries when he is naked or hungry.

The three little Lind's, all in a row. Until next time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is Ryan at about a week and a half. He is growing so fast! Why can't time just freeze for new mothers for a little while? I want to enjoy this as much as possible, but am so sleep deprived, it is hard. But, here he is. More to follow!