Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Gotta love Regan's face. She is such a Lind! Precious little Anya holding her baby brother, Ryan.

The first of so many Christmases together! What was life before my kids? Merry Christmas everyone! Bob and I are so thankful for so many things: a roof over our heads, steady jobs, the help of my mother and wonderful sister, Carla. But, mostly we are thankful for our three little gifts: Anya, Regan, and Ryan. Without them, our lives would be meaningless. Everyday we give thanks for our precious children. Anya for her warm personality and loving nature; Regan for her beautiful disposition and her feistiness; and Ryan for being healthy and hopefully having the same patience and mellowness as his father. Thank GOD they all look like Bob!

Ryan sucking on his hand after his bath. He appears to have gotten juice off of it.

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