Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 7

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Got up with much more energy!!! Slept 8 hours.  You know what that means?  8 hours of no peeing!  Yay!  Slight discomfort in peeing still, but, peeing so much more and not feeling as much pressure!  Little to none to be exact.  Thinking surgery is worth it today.

So, because I felt better (yesterday notice massive bruising in inner thigh) even though i am still in pain, i decided to wake up and pick up a little.  Did get tired quickly, but i did it.  Then peed.  So far so good!

Took Anya to her first day of work.  Came straight home after Tita took a detour to supermarket, where the kids and i stayed in the car.  Was on computer for a bit, then went to bathroom to poop.  As I finished peeing after pooping, holy mother!  I felt like something tore inside my vagina! I had not felt such pain since the surgery.   It was so bad I couldn't lay down and barely walk!  I ended up taking a vicodin.  Didn't fall asleep, made me groggy, but it did take the pain away.  But, all in all, a much better day.

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